HEADSTRONG is the Mental Health Commission of Canada's only youth program targeting young people aged 12-18.

HEADSTRONG is supported in evidence and involves daylong regional anti-stigma summits where students and teachers from local schools come together to:
  • Hear first person stories and engage with people with lived experience of mental health problems (contact-based education, which has been identified in scientific literature as a best practice to reduce stigma),
  • Challenge their own stereotypes
  • Explore the HEADSTRONG tools and resources that will help them combat stigma in their own schools
  • Commit to joining the HEADSTRONG movement
Why is HEADSTRONG important?
HEADSTRONG is innovative in mobilizing youth to become champions among fellow students. They become inspired at the summits, then commit to founding HEADSTRONG committees back at school to create culture change among their student population. Schools where these activities have occurred show great promise. With established regional HEADSTRONG initiatives, the mental health and stigma challenges faced by students and their families will be greatly reduced over time. Youth and families in need will seek help without fear of being judged or ridiculed. 
When is HEADSTRONG happening?
HEADSTRONG is happening in fall of 2018. For more information call our office at 668-6429.
HEADSTRONG is looking for sponsors for this fall's summit. Please contact our office for more information about this opportunity. (867) 668-6429 or [email protected]